Monday, August 8, 2011

Jay Z and Kanye West (The Throne) - "Watch The Throne"

The two most relevant hip hop personalities in the last 10 years have come together to put to rest who's really ruling this rap thing.  I mean really, no one's messing with over half of this record, lyrically or with the beats.  "Murder To Excellence", "Welcome to the Jungle", "New Day", "No Church In the Wild", and "Made In America" are all literally beautiful pieces of work. Kanye's use of other producers to enhance his records has again proven to be a winning formula. As for Jay, he is still a beast with the rhymes and the enormity of the production truly fits his caliber of lyricism. Not to mention, the addition of Frank Ocean on a few of the more notable tracks was really a good choice.  I'm still taking the album in, but any album on my iTunes with five 5 star ratings is mos definitely a keeper.

Get it now on iTunes.  It'll be in stores this Friday 8/12. 

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