Friday, May 7, 2010

Lets talk music....

As a shorty in the eighties, I always liked music. I think its fair to say that in most African American homes, music is big. My mom had gospel blasting through the radio on any given day, and country music on Saturday afternoon. My dad had Harry Belfonte, Fela, the Beatles, and Sam Cooke spinning on his record player. My sisters and I shared a small record collection, too. A bunch of 45s that I liked to listen to and found immense joy in just going through and categorizing them by the various labels. Of course, music videos were becoming big in the early eighties. Back then, they were from rock and pop records; Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, the Cars, Cindy Lauper, and so many more. Hip hop got big as the decade went on and as I entered junior high, I got more and more into it.  By high school, hip hop was all I did. I saved all my money from my lunch and allowance and every Tuesday I was downtown at Tower or Rock Records or Coconuts getting that new heat!  Hip hop turned the quiet guy in the back of the class into the know-it-all in the middle of whatever music discussion was going on that day. I say all of that to say that music is one my greatest joys and I could talk about it for hours. This is my spot to do it. I go by the name, Ends or E for short.  I hope you enjoy and contribute.