Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Rock the Bells 2010 was looking pretty weak until.....

They added Primo, A Tribe Called Quest, & L Boogie!  Now don't get me wrong, Wu Tank, KRS, and Slick Rick are all great groups and I love all of them,  but the game has officially changed with this move.  Primo is a nice touch.  My favorite producer of all time.  ATCQ will be nice to see, especially a healthy Phife.  Lauryn tho?????  Wow....Let me demonstrate the power of this move.  The tour is not coming to Chicago.  Nowhere close to it.  With Ms. Hill now performing, I could see myself traveling to make a show in CA or NY.  I'll stay at a hotel in Compton or Marcey Projects if I have to.  That's love, ya'll.

New Roots Track....w/John Legend

This is a nice lil joint off the new Roots album.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pete Rock vs Premier

This clip made my Wednesday.  To hear two of the masters talk about their music and the influence that it had on the culture is pretty amazing.  I always thought Preem was the man because no one makes a street single like him.  Its like he digs his drums and sounds from the concrete and translates them into something our ears can appreciate.  Equally impressive, is Pete Rock who is just a genius from the music he creates to the process itself.  See TROY and the rest of Mecca and the Soul Brother, for that matter.  These two actually performed in Tokyo about a month ago, which offically makes Japan the luckiest place on Earth.   Props to Defrag for the video.