Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Rock the Bells 2010 was looking pretty weak until.....

They added Primo, A Tribe Called Quest, & L Boogie!  Now don't get me wrong, Wu Tank, KRS, and Slick Rick are all great groups and I love all of them,  but the game has officially changed with this move.  Primo is a nice touch.  My favorite producer of all time.  ATCQ will be nice to see, especially a healthy Phife.  Lauryn tho?????  Wow....Let me demonstrate the power of this move.  The tour is not coming to Chicago.  Nowhere close to it.  With Ms. Hill now performing, I could see myself traveling to make a show in CA or NY.  I'll stay at a hotel in Compton or Marcey Projects if I have to.  That's love, ya'll.

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